IMPERO CONSTRUCTIONS are very proud to announce we were awarded WINNER of the 2018 Master Builders Association Excellence in Construction Awards for Education Building, Childcare.

This award could not have been achieved without all of the teams involved, a special thanks to our client Platine Property Development. Thank you for your continual support and we look forward to working with you again very soon.

Take a read of our article below for all the details that went into the construction of project Nubo at Chatswood:

Impero Constructions was formally engaged in mid-September 2017 and commenced works on site in early October 2017 with only conceptual design plans and wall set outs from PAL design, an award winning international architectural firm based and operating from Hong Kong, which in itself was an immense challenge due to the time differences and language barriers.

During the design phase of the project Impero Constructions had a full-time Design Manager and a Project Engineer to manage the client’s responsibilities in collaboration and coordination with the Architect and the other base building consultants and mandatory sub-contractors.

There are many underlining features of this truly unique fit-out. Its architectural design in which the theme of the fit-out throughout is irregular, it features extensive exposed structural elements, and which requires detailed and exact coordination of the detail design at trade interfaces with extensive use of curves and different material uses to floors, walls & ceilings. This challenging architectural design leaves no opportunity for design development and detail finalisation parallel to construction. Impero had to develop and refine the design and source materials similar to the ones selected by Architect that were not available in Australia to ensure progress with the construction and hit tight milestones in order to achieve the opening dates set by client and centre management.

The most challenging performance-design aspect of this project was the design, construction and installation of the structural steel Tree house. The fabrication of 8t of steel in 12m length beams and 600mm in width the material handling and erection of this steel overhead of up to 3.5m through a busy functional shopping centre with restricted hours of work situated beside the centre management offices, surrounded by tenants that were trading and the constant public traffic required strategic coordination and management at all times.

We commenced with a 700m2 blank canvas, all major services needed to be designed to suite the new facility layouts and the complex task of introducing a new amenities section and café to the tenancy with new hydraulics serving through tenants in the floors below with severe structural limitations with loading the slabs due to the original lean design needed to be monitored and signed off by the structural engineer at every interval. Impero had to work extremely close with the centre’s fire and mechanical engineers to ensure full compliance as we progressed the design.

Commencing construction with the install of up to 5m high stud walls the complexity of having to be fixed into the steel roof being that the tenancy was on the top level was slow as all works were performed off scissor lifts every wall being irregular of shape and finish, ceiling designs square, round, perforated and featured with LED strip lighting to express the highly detailed extravagant design and finish proved challenging but through the detailed construction documentation and experience we internally solved many of the issues in getting all the finishes to align and look the part.

All floor finishes in this fit-out had to be flush transitioned , the set down from the common area tenancy was -100mm we had a diverse mixture of up to 5 different floor finishes (timber 20mm, Corian 12mm, soft fall 8mm, vinyl 3mm and tiles 16mm) and thicknesses in order to get this correct we had to cement top the entire 700m2 of floor area with sand and cement bags (create the level changes in the screed) logistically and physically was difficult as we could not load the slab with pallets due to the insufficient bearing capacities the manpower involved was immense and had to be installed slowly after hours to eliminate the disruption to the tenants and the public thoroughfare.

In summary this job was time intense the design was perfected and progressed as the construction progressed it needed to be seen to be believed the use of timbers, veneers, Corian, marbles, vinyls, glass, steel, LED lighting and construction sequencing, strategic management and quality assurance in a tight 6-month program is extraordinary, the floating tree house structure and kids play area is the first of its kind in a shopping centre’s anywhere in Australia.