Sun Property Group






Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Letter of Reference of Impero Constructions

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Impero Constructions on behalf of Sun Property Group. Impero Constructions is currently conducting work for Sun Property Group at its ‘Ashton’ development in Mosman NSW.

For us, there is no question of the dedication and commitment Impero provide to the project. The site team at Ashton have had to work with the burden of a public health crisis for an extensive period. The care and professionalism exhibited by Impero’s management has created a ‘safe’ worksite and has kept their people, contractors and suppliers in work whilst motivating and supporting them to do their best work. With completion of the project nearing, we are observing some of the first signs of Impero’s quality of finish. Suffice to say that we are excited for our customers.

Impero Constructions are a company of integrity and place great value in being transparent and serving others. We have commissioned Impero Constructions for Sun Property Group’s next development Bala, Neutral Bay, due to commence July 2020.

Should you wish to discuss further or require any clarification on the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours Faithfully,

Cameron Johnson
General Manager

Cameron Johnson

PDS Group




To whom it may concern,


It would be PDS Group pleasure to show our support for and provide recommendation for Impero Construction.

We worked with ‘Sun Property, Mosman’ to Tender the ‘Ashton’ project, a demanding development requiring diligence to overcome, a shared connecting wall with the neighbouring lot, very narrow access requirements (to be negotiated with a rigid council), two levels of basement and a busy RTA ‘main arterial road’ at the front.

Impero attacked the project ‘head on’ from the start and can boast being ahead of programme having topped out whilst addressing all of the project risks. The delivery team are both proactive and diligent, priding themselves on their transparency, a common problem experienced as Superintendents.

The finish line is in-sight and we are looking forward to the Impero ‘trade mark’ of high-quality apartment finishes.

Please feel free to contact me if you require further reassurance.

Kind Regards,
Duncan Blackhall  |  Senior Project Manager

Duncan Blackhall

PBD Architects




To Whom It May Concern,

Reference – Impero Constructions

PBD Architects, have been working closely with Impero Constructions on several projects during the past three years. Our working relationship with Impero Constructions has been very positive and we have found them to operate in a professional manner at all times.

Two projects PBD Architects have worked closely on with Impero Constructions are as follows:

Project 1: 17-23 Mitchell Avenue, Jannali – Completion 2019
Description: 64 residential apartments

Project 2: 4 Hastings Parade, North Bondi – Completion 2019
Description: 7 residential apartments

PBD Architects have no hesitation in recommending Impero Constructions to any suitable client.

Should you wish to discuss further or require any clarification on the above, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned at our office.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Buljevic
Managing Director

Paul Buljevic
PBD Architects

Magnolia Project Management





Dear Sir,

I am currently the project manager on two projects that Impero Constructions have been awarded as the building contractor.

Working with Impero has been an absolute pleasure, they have a “can do attitude” and work with the client and myself towards the common goal, in my experience this is rarely seen.

They provide transparency on all aspects of the project from design issues, construction program and variation management. In addition, they have resourced both projects to ensure they are ahead of the standard. Impero understand the risk profile of each project and assist my clients with providing strategies to mitigate these risks onsite.

I have no hesitation in recommending Impero Constructions for your next project.

Best regards,

Mark Zanetic | Magnolia Project Management

Mark Zanetic







To whom it may concern,


Builder – Impero Pacific Group Pty Ltd 
Total contract value $19M 
Commencement June 2015 – Practical Completion December 2016 
Name of home owner – Goodman Property Pty Ltd 

It gives Rincovitch Consultants great pleasure to offer this letter as a reference for Impero Pacific Group Pty Ltd. 

Our role on this project was Primary Structural Engineer. 

We can easily say that 71 Epping Rd, Macquarie Park is up there with one of the most complicated private residences we have currently designed to date. This project was not for any builder. We are glad that Impero Constructions were awarded this project as we have found out that they have the skill set to work with others to successfully complete a project of this calibre. 

Impero Pacific Group Pty Ltd were outstanding when it came to forward thinking and innovative ways to construct the complicated structure that came with 71 Epping Rd, Macquarie Park. Between the two teams we were able to design and construct one of the largest and most complicated houses currently constructed in Sydney. 

Impero Pacific Group Pty Ltd were very risk adverse and always followed protocol and QA procedures. This really suited the Rincovitch team as we were always sure that another set of eyes were always making sure that things were not only moving forward but were moving forward in the right direction. 

Rincovitch would highly recommend Impero Pacific Group Pty Ltd on future projects as they were a pleasure to deal with and always acted in a professional manner. 

Please feel free to contact me directly on the number below if you wish to discuss further. 

Yours faithfully, 
Charbel Nasr – Director 

Charbel Nasr





Dear Sir, 

Re: Reference Letter 

As a consulting engineering firm, we have worked on several projects with Impero for over 5 years. We have successfully completed a number of different projects with Impero Constructions over years. In our opinion, Impero Constructions have proven to be very professional and considerate in every project. The project teams have carefully adhered to our design and recommendation. 

Northrop would highly recommend Impero Constructions to any clients as they were a pleasure to work with and have a great record of paying their consultants on time. 

Yours faithfully, 
Goran Lukic 

Senior Hydraulic Engineer 
Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty. Ltd. 

Goran Lukic

Facai Holdings Group




To Whom It May Concern:

I had the pleasure with working alongside Impero Constructions for the design and construction of 7 boutique residential apartments in North Bondi in 2019.

The project team has delivered an outstanding building in my opinion. They were extremely professional, thoughtful, meticulous and respectful throughout both the design and the construction phases of the project. I have no doubt that I will continue to work with Impero Constructions in the near future.

I would be happy to provide any additional information or have a chat, where you can contact me via my mobile number on 0419 348 924 or my email slava@facaiholdings.com

Yours sincerely,

Slava Sokolov

Slava Sokolov
Facai Holdings Group

Freehold Pty Ltd





Dear Sir/Madam,

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Freehold Pty Ltd.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of appointing Impero Constructions to build my previous projects in Darlinghurst, Darling Point and currently in Surry Hills.

From the outset, they have been a very dedicated and committed team with outstanding policies and procedures in the office and onsite, that very much stems from both directors Jonathan and Anthony who are extremely professional and have extreme ability in the building industry.

I have been very impressed with the way they problem solve different building issues that they have inherited from the existing shell but still keeping on program and within budget.

I’m looking forward to my upcoming project with Impero Constructions at Crown Street, Darlinghurst in 2020.

I have absolutely no doubt you will experience the same professionalism and hardworking attitude from the whole team at Impero Constructions.

If you have any further questions regarding Impero Constructions at all, please feel free to contact me directly on 0402 059 O55.

Luke Calpis

Wilde and Woollard





Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have the pleasure of working with Impero Constructions on Quest Apartments Macquarie Park since

July 2015. Under my role as PQS for the project, we have been carrying out assessments of Progress Claims and Variations.

I have found Impero to date, to be an honest, forthcoming and a very accommodating company. They have carried out their duties in accordance with the documentation.

I would have no hesitance; based on my experience to date. In recommending this company for any future endeavour they pursue.

Yours faithfully,

James Ryan

James Ryan
Wilde and Woollard

Heymann Cohen




Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to offer a letter of recommendation for Impero Constructions. Impero Constructions is currently conducting work for Heymann-Cohen at ‘The Riley’ at 198 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst.

The Riley is a boutique development where the developer is converting a unique mechanic warehouse into four luxury 3 bedroom Torrens title terraces eclectic Darlinghurst.

Impero Constructions was engaged to take over the project after the previous contract with the contractor was terminated. Impero Constructions executed the handover of the project with utmost professionalism by showing full cooperation and patience in understanding the status of the project at the point of termination and where the project needed to be headed. The handover process needed to be seamless and Impero Constructions made sure that the works onsite continued as close to program and budget as possible while concurrently resolving design issues with consultants and sub-contractors.

I have found Impero Constructions to be reliable and professional through all aspects of the project to date from their capability, knowledge of the construction industry and their attention to detail. The Directors, Anthony Fiorenza and Jonathan Kuo and their staff are always available to cooperate to resolve difficult situations and they have also assisted immensely with transparency when requested by the client and their bank funder. I have no issues in recommending Impero Constructions to my clients for future projects.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me.

 Yours Sincerely,

Gerald Li






To whom it may concern,

It gives me great pleasure to offer this letter as a reference for Impero Constructions and the dedicated team that steers the business.

My role at Goodman is a Senior Project Manager looking after commercial development acting on behalf of various global funds. The funds invest significant amount of capital in commercial and industrial development annually across Australia. As a consequence, we work primarily with large scale construction companies to roll out our development pipeline.

During 2015, we had an opportunity to develop a 110 key Quest serviced apartment block at North Ryde. We sought tenders from many of the major builders including Impero Constructions who came highly recommended to me. During the tender process, the Impero team surpassed all expectations with regard to the detailed tender documents, the speed to which the opportunity was assessed and the overall professionalism of the team. Prior to signing the contract we went through a rigorous reference check and KYC processes including site visits to prior projects, speaking with respective development company directors/owners and a commissioning a detailed corporate scorecard to assess the company’s financial viability, which illustrated that Impero implemented all the management systems, policies and procedures consistent with major builders and were highly successful in the quality of their delivery.

The Quest construction is currently underway and tracking ahead of time. The Impero team keep us as owners regularly informed and actively work with our in-house project management team to overcome any hurdles that have arisen and capitalise on any cost saving opportunities/initiatives.

I have been informed that Quest as a group have now approached Impero direct to look at other Quest development opportunities in addition to recommending Impero to other development focused organisations.

Please feel free to contact me directly on the number below if you wish to discuss further.

Yours sincerely,

David Lai

David Lai

Blue Visions



Impero Pacific Group Pty Ltd – Building Contract Review Program (BCRP)

I have worked with Impero Pacific Pty Ltd for the last 12 months, as part of the BCR Program. Through the course of this ongoing review Impero Pacific Group Pty Ltd employees displayed a high level of professionalism, experience, dedication and commitment to quality. The Company is doing a great job of cultivating a team work oriented atmosphere and worked well with us when required to find solutions to problems. Impero team understands many of the unique rules regulations and procedures associated with the construction developments and the BCRP requirements and does a very good job providing all the necessary paperwork’s and explanations when requested.

As part of my BCRP review Impero Pacific Group was involved (but not limited to the below)

(1) Contract Documents review
(a) The Building contract provided by Impero was clear of any commercial risks and was unbiased
(b) The project Construction schedule provided was appropriate for the type and complexity of the Project
(2) Budget and progress payments
(c) The Builder provided a detailed budget including the gross margin which was reasonable for the Projects requirements type size and value. This included the contingency allowance including cost erosions and wage assumptions.
(d) The Schedule of Payments under the building contract is directly related to the progress of work carried out for each stage that a payment is scheduled
(3) Builder Performance reviews
(e) All scheduled progress payments provided were appropriate and very well detailed.
(f) The Contract variations provided were properly costed and detailed
(g) No Workflow of materials and trades issues were identified with the site presented in a good condition.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to further discuss my experience working with Impero Pacific Group Pty Ltd

Helmi Tarazi
Blue Visions